Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AIGA posters

For anyone in laurie's type class, I thought you might want to see what the poster designs actually are for this year's AIGA events as compared to the ones we designed in class. These are all for this year's exhibits except for the 50 books/50 covers which is from 2006 because they don't have their new design yet. I think this exhibit is actually the most creative because each year they have a new, unique way of displaying the art. As you can see, my example is one where they hung them in plate holders and had a kitchen theme. If you go to AIGA's website and search these events, you can see all the themes from the previous years. Oh and also the circle's with photos in them is from the Everday Design exhibit. I also think we should take a senior trip next year and go see one these in NY :) It would be the best way, to me, to really experience today's contemporary art. Just like we went in person to see and feel the books at Wash. U., the professional work would have a much better impact in person rather than on screen.

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Michelle Elkin said...

Tina thats really neat!! It's interesting to see the actual designs for the posters, in class we conceptualized it completely different.
I completely agree with you about taking a trip to NY to see the show in person, it helps to actually see artwork in person to get the feel for it.