Friday, October 17, 2008


I like the work from the Dadaist. I may not get why they reformed when it seems it was just another direction that art was moving in. The graphics catch my eye the most. It is just randomness and chaos; sometimes I wish I could just do that, but everything has to be so precise for me. There is no rhyme nor reason to anything, it's just there. 

The one part I don't get about dadaism is why they plastered "Dada" all over their artwork. The picture to the right doesn't but others do. Obviously there must be a reason somewhere.


Tina S said...

I looked up the word Dada and I found several possible origins of the word (although no one knows for certain which one is correct). Some believe that it is a nonsensical word. Others say it originates from Romanian artists frequent use of the words da, da, meaning yes, yes in the Romanian language (Engl. equivalent: yeah, yeah, as in a sarcastic or facetious yeah, right). Dada in French is a child's word for hobby-horse. These explanations seem the most realistic to me. I bet they plastered it everywhere just to over-emphasize their point.


kschmidt said...

That's a really interesting observation. I never noticed that the word "Dada" was always splashed across Dada pieces. Of course, after I read your post, I had to go look up some Dada pieces so I could see for myself!

History of Graphic Design said...

I think the Dadaist posted Dada over everything, because their were so proud of the movement the were innovating in. Dada began as a reaction to the stifling pre-defined rules on what is art & design. The scrambled type was just a reaction to the overly structured rules of typography, and the collage work was a trademark expression of unconventional mass media as art. It must of been exciting to be involved in an art-form right at it creation, as a movement.