Friday, October 17, 2008

War Posters

These are images I found of war posters. The top image is a World War I poster similar to the ones we looked at in class, and the bottom image is a modern poster.
I think it is very interesting to compare the two. Actually, I guess I should say contrast the two, since there really aren't any similiarites between them. The WWI poster is much more subtle, in its message and colors. The modern poster is so much louder and 'in your face.' The design of this one is pretty clever. The designer chose to parody the popular iPod ads.
Those iPod ads are everywhere, so I think just about everyone knows what they are. If you can't read the text on them, the real iPod ads say "10,000 songs in your pocket, Mac or PC," and the war poster says "10,000 volts in your pocket, guilty or innocent."
My, how times have changed! Obviously, these posters are describing two very different wars during two very different times, but I still think it is interesting to note the differences between them stylistically.
I also thought that the placement of the bottom poster was clever. Not only is it mimicking one of the iPod ads, but it's right in the middle of a bunch of the actual iPod ads. It would be kind of funny to be walking down the street looking at these iPod ads and then suddenly be looking at that!


gdhistory anderson becker carter said...

That is a really good comparison. Thoses are two really great images.

April G. said...

After doing a little research on these I found several articles and blogs on the ads. One in particular tried to decide if they are a parody or a satire. A parody being legal and a satire not being fair use. Here are two links on the topic:

Also, it looks like this is the site of the person who made the poster series:

History of Graphic Design said...

A very clever ad indeed, not so funny and much as subversive and sarcastic. I personally don't find human rights violations hilarious, just mildy funny.